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The primal body is your birthright. Recover it with this 6-week online personalized coaching program with Ivan Zorić. 

Singularity Recode

The human body was created with a design that expresses its movement form in the pattern of the golden ratio. We call this movement behavior Singularity. When we come into this world the Singularity is our intuitive movement expression. But as we become accustomed to our modern environment and lifestyle we lose the connection to the source and that’s when health problems begin. The Singularity left cues. It can still be observed in children, indigenous people, and super-athletes. Those are the people who radiate health and vitality, move with elegance, stay free of injury and remain physically active until late in their lives. The good news is that anyone can return to Singularity if you understand its code. And that’s exactly where our personalized re-coding program comes in!

What causes the problem?

The first-world environment is the reason why most people are living in aching and dysfunctional bodies. Three major technologies are responsible for most of the damage: chairs, shoes, and modern training. A sedentary lifestyle is destroying our posture and structure. The ability to hold our spine in good shape becomes increasingly difficult as we spent the majority of our waking hours in some sort of chair. We’re losing strength while becoming stiffer. Eventually, we’re trapped in a spinal shape that cannot express the patterns of the Singularity anymore and back pain and injuries follow. 

Modern shoes are responsible for the degeneration of our feet. The padded shoe provides a soft surface that disconnects our feet from the environment. As a result, the foot is deprived of stimulation and challenge to remain in shape. The arches start losing their strength and eventually collapse into a flat foot. With such a foundation the knees can’t bend properly, we’re denied access to the Singularity. Over time we start to wear out our hip and knee joints. 

With a broken posture and weak foundation, we become very vulnerable to physical stress and tension. When we’re unaware of the Singularity cues we might damage ourselves in the attempt to fix ourselves. When you try to put on muscle and strength on a flawed structure you can make bad things worse. Too often contemporary strength training methods lead people into catastrophic injuries because there is no awareness of what health really is and feels like.

How to fix it?

To heal our bodies we must restore the connection to Singularity. We do this by re-coding our incorrect movement patterns and installing the correct patterns into our nervous system. Through slow-motion video assessment, we can identify where the joints create disharmony and where the energy gets stuck and leaks. With physical exercise and awareness drills, we slowly mold our old painful physical structure into healthy shapes and rewrite our movement program. The process is constantly re-assessed to ensure that we’re not only thinking that we’re feeling improvement but also actually visually improve. The process of re-coding is an incredible rediscovery of our bodies and a feeling of returning home. The human body was by default created to be pain-free, disease-free, and full of energy. When we stop violating the Singularity code and start respecting and applying it our bodies transform.

Singularity Recode’s 6-Week Coaching Program Includes

✔ Four Video Assessments

During this program, you’ll get three video assessments in which we analyze and break down your current movement behavior and errors according to GOATA scientific principles. (In the first, second, and fourth week).

✔ Support

We’re in this together! Throughout the whole program, we’ll constantly tune in and support you with daily text & audio messages.

✔ Singularity Recode Online Library

For 6 weeks you’ll have access to our educational library full of videos and articles exclusively created for the program’s members. Here you’ll get access to the tools that allow you to optimize the human gait pattern through pressure wave technology & energy gyroscopes while building long-term explosiveness, fluidity, & joint endurance.


✔ Personal Exercise Regimen

Every body is different and has different problem areas preventing the free expression of the Singularity. That’s why all exercise regimens are personalized. After every assessment, your regimen will be updated and modified according to your progression. After the last assessment, we will provide you with guidelines to continue training alone or together.

✔ Access to GOATA app.

You’ll get exclusive access to GOATA training app, where all your exercise regimen will be stored. The access to GOATA app you’ll keep even when the program finishes.


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Make real results happen:

✔ Joint and posture alignment
✔ No more pain
✔ Improved energy levels: more efficient motion
✔ Up to 25% increase in athletic output
✔ Increased security in movement

What you need:

✔ 30 min per day
✔ No equipment
✔ Curiosity to experiment with a unique movement system 

6-week program price: $500

What others say


It sounds dramatic but it facilitated a shift in my entire perspective on life. The structure and flow of the movement mechanics provide a solid foundation that left me feeling like I have my body back. A feeling I haven’t felt since I was a teenager playing football in the park. I’m left with something I can take anywhere, a practise that leaves me wanting more and one that whilst building muscle, increasing flexibility and in my opinion more importantly, rebuilds the network of trust between the mind and body. I feel like Ivan hit my system reboot button and then guided me through the restart process. My zest for life returned with a promising flow.”
– Joe Turner

“Ivan helped me to gain a new perspective on the life area of movement. He helped me to free myself from the mind oriented linear movements. Now I wake up and his teachings are part of me every day. I enjoy walking in the best possible way thanks to his teachings. Running. Standing. Moving on the ground, with a gymnastic ring and dance. When I dance all of his teachings come together in a deep flow state and I can express myself in the best possible way. I am still lifting weights sometimes but with a new perspective on what I do. There’s a different meaning behind it and this makes me a healthier and happier person.”
– Joe Trenk

“I am a musician and ecstatic dance DJ, so I spend many hours in front of the computer. I started working with Ivan about two months ago and already I’m feeling a great improvement. I have less pain in my body. I’m able to do stuff that I wasn’t doing since I was a child. There’s more flexibility in my body. There’s more agility, I’m feeling more natural. I’m feeling more in my body. And it’s been really fun working with Ivan. He’s really really positive. So he wouldn’t tell me all “you’re doing this wrong”, but he would point what I’m doing right. And then we kind of build from there. He doesn’t push, but he kind of like invites me to do what he feels that I can do. And we don’t work with pain. We kind of like avoid pain and we learn how to operate the body in in a natural way. So I’m looking forward for more months of working with him.”
– Eyal

“I’m currently doing this program at the moment. The difference in my mobility of joints and chronic muscle tightness so far is huge. It’s a game-changer for me. Thank you!

– Troy

About Ivan Zorić

Ivan Zorić is the founder and head coach of MOMENTUM and a practicing Goata Coach. The fascination with the body and Movement started from a very young age. His first real obsession was water. As a child, he could spend hours flowing with the element and eventually chose to take swimming to a professional level. Turning art into a measurable capacity practice killed the love for it. He enjoyed the discipline but hated the linear competition format and eventually quit at age 21.

Looking for a supplement for swimming, Ivan started to look into disciplines where capacity wasn’t the deciding factor for victory. The more things he tried the more “winning” seemed negligible. If the discipline didn’t have an unpredictable playful expression he quickly lost interest. Ivan was looking for game, resonance, playing for the sake of playing rather than trying to “get” there. This shift in perspective allowed him to dump mindless repetition training and instead went on a journey to find the essence of movement in play. In 2017 he was introduced to Jiu-Jitsu, the ultimate form of play, and life changed for good.


Is Singularity Recode right for me?

If your joints are aching, you don’t trust your joints when moving and playing, you frequently get injured, YOU NEED IT.


How does Singularity Recode work?

First, we create an assessment based on your current movement potential. Then you receive a training regimen which you perform by yourself. After 2 and 4 weeks we do again assessments and keep improving the process as we go. You will have full access to me for asking questions and online Singularity Recode library with 57 videos and written material accessed exclusively for Singularity Recode members only.


How does the assessment look like?

You record yourself performing certain shapes and movements. You’ll get the guide how to, it’s super easy. We will then create an assessment with a voiceover that will explain everything in detail. Based on that we create a tailored training regimen exactly for your needs.


Can I have just an assessment?

That won’t help you because you will only know what the problem is. Go all the way and free yourself from your physical limitations and problems.


How long does it take to get the primal body back?

Depends on your current state. Could be anything from 1-2 months to a year.


Can I have a longer program? Or is it only 6 weeks?

The first intensive is 6 weeks. Depending on the progress we can always continue working on your recode.

Longer programs prices, paid monthly:
3 months – 750$
6 months – 1.250$


Do I need any specific equipment?

Nope. All you need is yourself and the floor.


I work full-time, will I still manage to do the program? How much time does it require?

30min a day is all you need. You can also divide the training into 3 sessions at 10min.


I practice different types of training. Should I stop everything during this program?

You can continue all practices. The recode targets your movement behaviors. Not what you do but how you do them. We’re installing healing movement patterns back into your body so you can do the things you enjoy freely and securely.


I had a huge pause from any form of training. Is it a good thing to start it for me?

Doing the recode is the best to restart physical activity. Since it’s predominantly an awareness practice.


Is it like physiotherapy?

No. It’s not simply exercising in a particular way but really about learning the energy mechanics of the human body and how it behaves in motion.


Is just walking barefoot not enough?

It’s not only not enough but dangerous. The modern feet have been weakened and degenerated so much they don’t offer good support anymore. This can lead to even more damage. In the recode a big part is spent on restoring the primal feet.

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