Below are the prices for our Drop-in Classes, Rentals and Workshops. Our current schedule can be found on top of our Facebook page


Discount Cards:

Weekly pass, 1.200 thb
: Lasts for 7 days. All classes (not workshops) are free.
Monthly pass, 3.000 thb: Lasts for 30 days. All classes are free.
Full-Season pass, 6.000 thb: Lasts till 31. October. All classes are free.


We are open for weekend rentals throughout the high seasons.

We offer rentals in 4 blocks:
Saturday 9am-2pm
Saturday 3pm-8pm
Sunday 9am-2pm
Sunday 3pm-8pm

*Each block costs 4.000 thb to rent*. If someone rents more than 2 blocks on a single weekend, the 3rd (and 4th) block get a discount and  can be rented for 3.000 thb. So the entire weekend would be to rent for 14.000 thb.


Prices for workshops are individual. The event will name the price.


3 + 5 =


Whatsapp: +66 82 834 3573


Whatsapp: +66 82 834 3573