Singularity Recode


Return to the Singularity with a 4-weeks length online personal coaching program with Ivan Zorić. 

Make real results happen:
Joint and posture alignment
No more pain
Improved energy levels: more efficient motion
Up to 25% increase in athletic output
Increased security in movement

What you need:
30-45 min per day
No equipment
Curiosity to experiment with a unique movement system

Get with the program:


• Restoring the Singularity in Fundamental Movement Behaviors
• 1st Video assessment, analysis, and breakdown of your current movement behaviors & errors
• Personalised exercise regimen to rebuild your physical shapes and target problem areas that prevent the free expression of the singularity
• Understand the concept of Singularity: how to optimize the human gait pattern through pressure wave technology & energy gyroscopes while building long term explosiveness, fluidity, & joint endurance/durability
• 2nd-week re-assessment, analysis, and breakdown with exercise regimen progressions, updates, and modifications
• Daily text, audio & video messaging & constant support and feedback over 4 weeks
• 4th-week re-assessment, analysis, and breakdown + recommendations on how to continue training alone or together

Price: $300

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It sounds dramatic but it facilitated a shift in my entire perspective on life. The structure and flow of the movement mechanics provide a solid foundation that left me feeling like I have my body back. A feeling I haven’t felt since I was a teenager playing football in the park. I’m left with something I can take anywhere, a practise that leaves me wanting more and one that whilst building muscle, increasing flexibility and in my opinion more importantly, rebuilds the network of trust between the mind and body. I feel like Ivan hit my system reboot button and then guided me through the restart process. My zest for life returned with a promising flow.”
– Joe Turner

“Ivan helped me to gain a new perspective on the life area of movement. He helped me to free myself from the mind oriented linear movements. Now I wake up and his teachings are part of me every day. I enjoy walking in the best possible way thanks to his teachings. Running. Standing. Moving on the ground, with a gymnastic ring and dance. When I dance all of his teachings come together in a deep flow state and I can express myself in the best possible way. I am still lifting weights sometimes but with a new perspective on what I do. There’s a different meaning behind it and this makes me a healthier and happier person.”
– Joe Trenk

“I am a musician and ecstatic dance DJ, so I spend many hours in front of the computer. I started working with Ivan about two months ago and already I’m feeling a great improvement. I have less pain in my body. I’m able to do stuff that I wasn’t doing since I was a child. There’s more flexibility in my body. There’s more agility, I’m feeling more natural. I’m feeling more in my body. And it’s been really fun working with Ivan. He’s really really positive. So he wouldn’t tell me all “you’re doing this wrong”, but he would point what I’m doing right. And then we kind of build from there. He doesn’t push, but he kind of like invites me to do what he feels that I can do. And we don’t work with pain. We kind of like avoid pain and we learn how to operate the body in in a natural way. So I’m looking forward for more months of working with him.”
– Eyal