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 Our facility is located in the northeast of Koh Phangan, on a hill with a beautiful sunset view over the bay Mae Haad. The facility stands on an abandoned concrete platform that stretches over 1200m2 with a Dojo (96m2 with soft Tatami mats), Calisthenic Park, Aerial Tower (5m high), Chillout Viewpoint (12m2), Parkour Park, and Juice Bar.


The Dojo Facility

The Dojo is the heart of Momentum. It is where all the magic happens. Fully open, the bamboo roof provides cool shades when sunny and shields us when rainy. Without walls, the view stares directly into the surrounding jungle where it opens up towards a beautiful bay with sunset view. Stretching over 96m2 with tatami mats provides the perfect surface for dancing, fighting, rolling, falling. Only when you feel safe can you completely let go and play. A soft floor is a basic requirement for any movement discipline.

Calisthenic Park – Gym

Our so-called gym is our calisthenic park. A true classic in physical exercise since generations all over the world. Versatile, functional, and simple it can be anything from a playground, strength trainer to a stretch assistant. You choose.  

Aerial Tower

We’re not slaves to gravity. Aerial practices deliver the missing link in most people’s physical development. Our Aerial tower is the perfect structure for all kinds of aerial arts: Silks, rings, ropes, even alpha gravity can easily be mounted. Whether it’s artistic, therapeutic, or general physical development the Aerial Tower has you covered. Practice while looking directly into the sunset bay, priceless.  


Our viewpoint is the Yin realm at our facility. Suitable as a meditation platform, bodywork space, or simply a hangout spot to watch the sunset. Work and move but don’t forget to stop and breathe. 

Juice Bar

Our Juice bar, also known as “Raw Bar”, can feel like an oasis at times after a strong practice. Serving only local raw foods and drinks it’ll certainly provide the right fuel to recover your energy and refresh your body. Juice up and get moving.  

Bathroom Facilities

We’re off-grid and tucked away in the jungle but we have access to running water. Showers and toilets are in western standards. Life in the tropics is sweaty. Before joining a class you’ll have the possibility to show up fresh and ready. 


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Mail: [email protected] 

Whatsapp: +66 82 834 3573

Mail: [email protected] 

Whatsapp: +66 82 834 3573