Mixed Movement Arts Classes


Stressing that the health of our tribe is top priority, and we do everything we can to make Momentum a safe environment. We put more attention to cleaning and disinfecting the facility, dojo mats, rings, calisthenics park, along with showers, sinks, doors etc. But we ask to be self-responsible too, if you feel any symptoms don’t show up. At arrival please take a shower or WASH YOUR HANDS. Stick to this to safeguard our tribe and the facility so we can KEEP MOVING!

Weekly Schedule

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Foundation – Building the Vehicle

Foundation practice is the first step for every Momentum student. In order to become a good mover one must understand the body (vehicle) we live in. The Foundation class is designed to build a stong, adaptable and resilient vehicle so you’re prepared for the challenging demands of a strong movement practice. We are educating and conditioning the body’s main motor skill mechanisms which will increase one’s physical capacity and the physical potential for movement skill learning. Movement is a physical language and the Foundation practices will equip us with the necessary vocabulary to speak it.

We divide the week like this:
Mon, Wed, Fri = Conditioning
Tue, Thu = Mobility

Movement skills – Navigating the Vehicle

Movement Skills is the second step in our movement education. Once we’re aware of our physical potential we then practice the necessary motor skills to gain the freedom to play any game or discipline. We study efficient movement mechanics and how the body organises itself in motion. This understanding will lead to a much greater capacity to absorb new movement knowledge and increase the longevity of our vehicle. When we know how to navigate our body across all planes and spheres we create the potential for better communication with our environment and the people in it.
Mon: Sphere 1 – Snake
Tue: Sphere 2.1 – Tiger
Wed: Rehab
Thu: Sphere 2.2 – Crane
Fri: Sphere 3 – Monkey

Alpha Gravity

Life is not a physical challenge anymore. Survival was connected to movement effort and was all the exercise we ever needed. The comfort of modern life is allowing our bodies to slowly deteriorate. We live in a body and to truly thrive as human beings we need our vehicle to be resilient and capable. We live under the constant influence of the gravitational field of the earth. The gravity always acts in one direction – from top to bottom. Through inactivity and our sedentary lifestyle our bodies are degenerating under the pressure of constant gravity. 

The good news is that we can easily counter the destructive effect of gravity on the body. To be physically strong enough means to respond and resist the force of gravity and not fatigue under it’s pressure. Alpha Gravity is for everyone. No matter your current abilities or problems, the degree of intensity can be adapted to serve each and everyone’s needs weather flexibility, strength, rehabilitation, relaxation or coordination.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a Martial Art System with the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger, heavier assailant by using proper technique, leverage,  ground fighting, and then applying joint locks and chokeholds to defeat the opponent. The beauty of BJJ lies in it’s application of physical laws of weight distribution and leverage empowering small and weak people to defeat bigger and stronger opponents. Regarded as human chess its possibilities to use the body and movement patterns is endless. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a true discipline where physical intelligence, strength, mobility, awareness, sensitivity, emotional stability and determination is developed. The fighter will use every limb of his body to solve the problem he’s presented with. BJJ students of the sport gain a deep understanding of the workings and limits of the human body, benefit from greatly increased physical fitness, problem-solving ability, extraordinary physical intelligence, self-knowledge of their own body and mind and its social benefits. 


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Mail: info@momentumphangan.com 

Whatsapp: +66 82 834 3573