Movement Philosophy: The story of your body

 Your body is your home. It is the only thing that will stay with you until the end. When we come into this world our bodies are perfect and we live a physically free and happy life. We are in tune with the Singularity, nature’s observable movement geometry inherent in all moving life forms. 

Children learn to move fully autodidact and by age 7 they’re fully equipped to navigate their body with safety and competence. As children, we remain within the Singularity and preserve our primal nature but when we enter school we begin to disconnect. Movement and Play are left behind so we can educate our mind. Sitting and thinking are done in chairs leaning on tables. The more we sit the less we move and the decay starts from the feet. Over time the feet lose their arch, the hips become stiff, the posture collapses, the shoulders roll forward and the head is hanging in front of the torso. We create movement errors and unhealthy movement habits which deny our access to the Singularity. We have become completely decoded and cut off from the source.

To counter these effects we engage in sports and fitness but if we don’t restore the singularity these practices will do more harm than good. Living out of synch with the Singularity code is dangerous and can result in an injury-prone body, chronic joint pain, uncoordinated and unsafe movements, and a fear of taking irreversible damage. Not being able to trust your body is a painfully negative and unnecessary experience. The Singularity is your birthright. It is restorable for anyone at any age. We can bring back the body’s injury resistance, improve posture & structure, preserve our connective tissue, and remain confident and pain-free for the rest of our lives.

It all begins with a Movement Recode.


Momentum Movement System


Momentum is a movement system that provides a gateway back to the Singularity.

1 Foundation


The first obstacle blocking people from accessing the Singularity is their own body. After years of improper activity, the body has become trapped in a weak and stiff shell which prevents them to move the way nature has intended. In Foundation we address these problems and free the body from its armor. Only a healthy vehicle can enjoy the movement freedom.

Focus on:
– Recondition the 4 Motor skill mechanisms (4 Corners)
– Restoring Primal shapes for Standing, Resting, Sleeping, Locomotion
– Postural alignment for healthy connective tissue, lubricated joints, and a pain-free body
– Useful strength to support one’s body weight in every possible way (primate strength)
– Setting the body up to experience the Singularity
– Creating physical potential to engage in any practice you want


2 Movement Mechanics


Once we have well-functioning hardware we move to the software. Movement Mechanics is about experiencing the Singularity in motion. Being efficient with movement saves a lot of energy and prolongs the body’s health. New movements can be learned easier while old patterns are performed with elegance. There’s an effortlessness that comes into the body once we truly embody the singularity in all our movements.

Focus on:
– Recoding the Singularity in all Movements
– Riding the body’s pressure waves / efficient motion at all times
– Learning correct movement behavior for daily tasks
– Building a movement security system in the body (injury resilience)
– Fixing energy leaks in movement



3 Communication


Everything in this life is experienced with and through other people. Therefore engaging in practices that require the participation of others is key to truly make the most out of this human experience. Primal practices bring out our nature more than any other. There are 3 responses we can have when encountering opposition: Fight, Flight, Play. Being conditioned for these actions make humans what they are.

Focus on:
– Cultivating a regular running practice (Flight)
– Learning a way of self-defense (Fight)
– Finding a game that connects you to others (Play)
– See practice as Movement, not Training



About Ivan

I’m Ivan, founder and head coach of MOMENTUM. The fascination with the body and Movement started from a very young age. My first real obsession was water. As a child, I could spend hours flowing with the element and eventually chose to take swimming to a professional level. Turning art into a measurable capacity practice killed the love for it. I enjoyed the discipline but hated the linear competition format and eventually quit at age 21.
Looking for a supplement for swimming, I started to look into disciplines where capacity wasn’t the deciding factor for victory. The more things I tried the more “winning” seemed negligible. If art didn’t have an unpredictable playful expression I quickly lost interest. I was looking for game, resonance, playing for the sake of playing rather than trying to “get” there. This shift in perspective allowed me to dump mindless repetition training and instead went on a journey to find the essence of movement in play. In 2017 I was introduced to Jiu-Jitsu, the ultimate form of play, and life changed for good.



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