Momentum is a movement facility tucked away in the hills of Koh Phangan, built on an abandoned concrete platform overlooking a beautiful sunset bay. Over the years the jungle started to swallow the construction creating a raw arena displaying a beautiful contrast of man-made structures and mother nature.

Movement Facility

Momentum is a movement facility for learning, sharing and exploring the most interesting movement disciplines. We seek to dissolve the separation we’ve created in our physical culture and gather practitioners and specialists of all arts to sit together and contribute to the growth of the Movement culture. Momentum is an open space where we can study and experiment with the topic of movement in its whole totality. We are moving away from dogmatic training systems and invite disciplines and teachers of the richest movement disciplines we encounter (Dance, Martial Arts, Grappling, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Contact Improvisation, Yoga, etc).

Movement is a language. To truly master it we need to extend our vocabulary, watch and interact with those who are fluent and play and improvise on our own. Momentum attracts teachers and practitioners form all corners of the world and provides the perfect platform to learn, share and evolve in our individual movement journey. Movement is for everyone.

About Ivan

The fascination with body and Movement started from a very young age. Ivan’s first real obsession was water. As a child he could spend hours flowing with the element and eventually chose to take swimming to a professional level. Turning an art into a measurable capacity practice ultimately killed his love for it. He enjoyed the discipline but hated the competition which made him quit at age 21.

Looking for a supplement for swimming, he started to look into disciplines where capacity wasn’t the deciding factor for victory. In fact the more things he tried the more “winning” seemed negligible. If an art didn’t have an unpredictable playful expression he quickly lost interest. He was looking for game, resonance, playing for the sake of playing rather than trying to “get” there. This shift in perspective allowed him to dump mindless repetition training and instead go on a journey to find play. Ever since he started his own movement journey, researching and playing. Momentum is his attempt to breed out the raw, unrestricted human movement nature by focusing the practice on exploring and experimenting with the most primal, most expressive human movement arts.


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Mail: info@momentumphangan.com 

Whatsapp: +66 82 834 3573

Mail: info@momentumphangan.com 

Whatsapp: +66 82 834 3573